Top Six Tips for Using the Google Display Network Effectively

The Google Display Network is a highly effective way to promote your brand across millions of websites so that you can reach a bigger audience and generate more leads. These are targeted leads that can easily be converted into sales and loyal customers.

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Before you get started with the Google Display Network, it is a good idea if you learn more about how it works. Once you understand the advantages that it can provide to your business, then you can create tactics to maximize your return on investment in the network.

The Power of the Google Display Network

People don’t need to visit the Google search engine to see your advertisements. The Google Display Network puts your advertisements on third-party websites, apps, and devices that have been approved by Google. It is so much easier to reach your targeted audience with Google display ads in comparison to the traditional pay-per-click ads.

The Google Display Network can become a fantastic marketing network for your company because it can build high-ranking backlinks and allow you to display your visual ads on relevant websites. And since the Google Display Network has the power to display your ads to over 90% of the world’s online users, there is no better investment you could ever make in your company’s marketing endeavors.

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It is so easy to reach your target audience with the Google Display Network. Imagine your ads being accessible on over two million different websites and 650,000 smartphone and tablet applications. Google is connected to almost everything that is on the internet. If you don’t join the Google Display Network, then you’re missing out on a lot of digital advertising potential.

Below are the top six tips for using the Google Display Network effectively.

1) Remarketing

If you have advertised to a targeted audience before, then you’re already doing the right thing. Now all you need to do is remarket your brand to them again.

Remember that a targeted audience can include current customers, leads, and prospective customers who are interested in the type of products or services you sell.

When you remarket your brand through the Google Display Network, you get to remind your audience about your business on the various websites they like to visit regularly. It is a smart way to reach out to your audience again and let them know that you’re still around and have new products or services for sale.

Remarketing is an easy way to boost your sales conversion rate because you already have a target audience who has heard of your brand before. So, make sure you remarket your brand before executing any other tip on this list.

2) Managed Placements

The best marketing strategies involve data research and awareness. Your Google Network Display Ads can be made effective if you take advantage of a feature called “managed placements.”

When you utilize this feature, you can display your ads on specific websites that are visited by your target audience regularly. But you have to know which sites they like to visit beforehand.

It won’t be too hard to figure out because they are likely websites that have the same niche as yours. For example, if you operate an auto parts store, then your managed ad placements could be put on a popular auto parts blog. That will likely gain you more relevant traffic to your website.

3) Stop Layering So Much

Digital marketers like to perform layered targeting to attract more views. However, you need to collect a lot of data before running a layered targeting campaign. You can collect data after starting a regular campaign and getting hits and conversions from it.

From there, you can filter specific keywords and locations to execute a stronger layered targeting campaign.

4) Display Your Digital Advertisements in Every Format

If you want your brand to look organized and professional, then you need to display your digital advertisements in every format available. Otherwise, you could risk having your display ads appear too large or small. If people see distorted display ads that don’t look proportionally correct, then it could make your brand look bad.

Furthermore, some websites don’t support certain display ad formats at all. When a particular format is not supported, the ad appears as a blank box on each viewer’s screen. The worst part is that you’re still paying for the display ad.

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For this reason, you must make sure your display ads are compatible with all formats, so you won’t waste money and annoy your audience.

5) Use Simple Display Ads

It is not necessary to be too creative your display ads. All you need to do is show ads to your target audience that send a message to them specifically.

In other words, it is more effective to have display ads that get right to the point about what you’re selling. Research shows that online users respond more positively to upfront ads.

As a result, they’re more likely going to purchase what you have to sell.

6) Test Drive Your Ads

Now see how your Google Display Network ads appear in real-time. Test each ad campaign that you want to run. It will let you see how your ads look and how your audience responds to them.

Once you get a few clicks and sales conversions, you can run better display ad campaigns in the future.


By this point, you should now understand the importance of utilizing the Google Display Network for your company’s advertising needs. Your investment in this network will be the best money you ever spent on digital marketing. The return on your investment will be huge because more targeted customers and leads will flood to your websi