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BVR System is a team of 35 team workers from all around Europe. We are gathering the entire digital skills to provide our clients a unique All-in-one package that covers entire Internet Requirements. From IT/Security to multi-lingual Client Desk support, we run your entire digital needs and constantly audit your needs based on your market environment.
We persistently use our experience and improve our skills to meet your needs on the best way. We take great care to work with our customers in the greatest transparency. So, we provide you with tools in order to check by yourself that your project is moving in the right direction.

Quality work is a satisfied customer.



stephane benichou

Bvr was created to share my passion of Digital Marketing with all my best friends. This energy that we create reflected to all our partners and embraced us to collaborate with them for years. The same passion we are developing around us, we are transmitting to our clients and that is the thing I am the more proud of. Being able to build an A-Class-Quality services toward our clients for years with confidence, trust and results. Playing Baby-Foot in the office at the end of day with the feeling of accomplished task.This is BVR SYSTEM!

Stephane Benichou, Founder
Morgan Kova

In BVR system, we are really working in a young-spirit. We work in a family atmosphere. This company always brings challenges and we love it! Doing new things all the time helps us to stay productive and open to big changes.

Morgan Chapeau, Designer
rony rouah

What we love about BVR, this is the way everybody is working together. There is no hierarchical order. All the members of the team are really available and ready to share their skills with each other, if someone wants to learn more about a specific subject. This availability is the greatest strength of BVR System I think.

Rony Rouah, SEO Expert
Sidney Ifergan

The BVR team spends its time studying the new possibilities offered by technology to make it useful. All our knowledge is used to help our customers, but also to teach them what we do the best.

Sydney Ifergan, IT/Security
Gaelle Benchimole

BVR is a company that advances with its time. It is an open space office for open-minded employees. Everyone at BVR strives to be as flexible as possible and above all, adapts very quickly.

Gaelle Benchimole, Head of Support

BVR is a place where experiments are the greatest success. It is about thirty employees working in the same team. Faced with a problem, each member shows creativity to find the solution. We only stop until we find something that works.

Andrea Benisti, Head of Content