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Traffic generation

Get the targeted
relevent traffic

  • Performance audit and optimization

  • SEO

  • Display

  • Social Media

  • SMS and email Campaings

  • follow-up and support

Need new audiences? Traffic generation reach prospects which are really ready to consider you. AI technology and purchase intent data, help you to extend your e-reputation and your popularity.

With a precise targeting and a good referencing strategy,  you will drive qualified traffic to your website. 

93% of B2B companies say content marketing generates more leads than traditional marketing strategies. (Marketo, Forbes)

E-learning & Marketing digital

The sole purpose
of E-learning
is to teach.

  • SEO content creation

  • Keyword analysis

  • Campaign Building

  • Budget Managing

  • Target & Optimize

  • Social Media Work

In 2017, 77% of US Companies used E-learning. It is a good representation of how impactful Online learning has become.

Companies around the world show growing interest in distance learning. The online learning could reduce employee training time by 40-60%. This learning method is also useful to consolidate a training.

It’s also very relevant for freelancers which want to cultivate new skills at the same time as managing their main activities.


Good customer service
costs less than
bad customer service

  • Chat

  • Email & SMS marketing segmentation

  • Newsletter

  • Multi-lingual customer service

70% of consumers say they have already made a choice to support a company that delivers great customer service. (American Express) 

It can take months to find a new customer and one second to lose him. Client desk services are the support you will bring to your customers, before, during and after purchase.

Technology brought the ability to be present for your clients and answer to their needs. Client desk is a way to increase client satisfaction. Build a long term relationship with your customers will help you to raise the engagement to your brand .

Good support builds trust. This is the most important tool to develop your e-reputation.

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