E-learning digital marketing

The Sole Purpose
of E-learning
Is to teach.


What We Teach

Do you know what really matters nowadays? Skills. We receive a lot of e-learning requests in order to learn digital marketing from home.

Freelancers and companies understood that a good marketing strategy depends on the story you tell. Also, it’s about to know how to present it and who you want to reach with this story, matters.

Precision and targeting can be an unstoppable weapon in your inbound marketing. Then, our services answers to those requests by providing e-learning sessions.

Our teaching philosophy isn’t to train you to markets standards. Our main goal is to give you all the skills you need to make marvelous things which are matching your vision.

  • Qualified content creation

  • Data Analysis

  • Build a campaign

  • Manage a budget

  • Work on social media

  • Creative content generation


Our Pricing

Chose your program

Per Hour

75 €
Per hour

  • SEO
  • Computer languages
  • Google tools
  • Design / UX / UI

3 days

990 €

  • SEO
  • Computer languages
  • Google tools
  • Design / UX / UI

Full time

On demand
3 month program minimum

  • SEO
  • Computer languages
  • Google tools
  • Design / UX / UI
  • Writing optimized content