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Who We Are

BVR System is a company with 35 members from all over Europe. All coming from the digital professions, we decided to pool our skills to create BVR.

Designer, full-stack web developers, SEO project coordinators, optimized content redactors, customer service operators etc… This combination of skills provide our clients a unique All-in-one package that covers entire Internet Requirements.

Traffic generation, e-Learning digital marketing lessons, multi-lingual client desk, IT/security are our areas of expertise. BVR has created unique tools that help you to participate in the work process. We carry out regular audits and anticipate your needs according to the reality of the market you are aiming for.

Just to ensure that your requirements meet the needs of your market environment.

  • Design UX/UI

  • IT & Server security

  • Adword Campaign Management

  • SEO campaign implementation

  • Data Analyst

  • Tracking Expert

David Temame

SEO requires constant monitoring and daily experimentation to meet Google’s requirements. Here are the keys to a good natural referencing. As judoka Teddy Riner often says, the strength of the greatest athletes is their ability to adapt. For referencing, it’s the same thing too.

David Temam, Project coordinator SEO
rony rouah

Technical performance and the way you analyze data can totally change the way your activity works. A good data analysis with good technical performance can generate good results very fast. We created an original Dashboard to check your traffic generation no matter where you are. Providing you with access to our work is, for us, a guarantee of confidence .

Rony Rouah, SEO expert
Andrea Benisti

Creating good content is a challenging discipline. This means measuring a multitude of parameters. Is that a good subject? Is there enough information? etc… SEO content writing is the art of matching the requirements of readers with those of Google. In order to have as much authority as possible, you must satisfy both.

Andrea Benisti, Head of content
Morgan Kova

In order to catch the eye of the consumer, better to have a good design. The design of your website is what will give it personality. The main goal of a design, is that the consumer who is looking for you recognize you directly no matter on which platform he is looking for you. A customer who identifies with you, thanks to the personality that emanates from your design, it’s a victory.

Morgan Kova, Designer